Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum draws its inspiration from the ‘Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education’ (http://deni.gov.uk). The curriculum allows children to experience the six areas of learning in a holistic way. We have monthly themes and our weekly plans are displayed (daily) for parents to view.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

This area of learning underpins all childhood progress. Through socialisation, children explore their emotions, become aware of who they are and develop a sense of respect for others and the environment. They begin to build relationships with other children and adults and learn to take turns and share. Children will gain confidence, independence, make choices and learn to help each other.


Physical Development

We have a wide range of mobile toys, balancing equipment, slide/climbing frame etc. for indoor and outdoor use. Carefully chosen equipment enables children to have the opportunity to develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Each day, at 11.20am, the children transition to a large hall within the complex for physical play, musical movement and/or exercise and games.


The Arts

We provide opportunities for children’s creative development. They can share their thoughts and ideas through art and design, role play, musical movement and ‘create’ music in our unique ‘pre-school band’. In developing the children’s creativity, it is important to remember the process – the children’s enjoyment and the learning that is taking place – rather than the finished product.


Language Development

Our aim is to encourage children to communicate confidently with adults and their peers, enabling them to express their needs and feelings. Our Quiet Room contains a wide variety of books where children can browse and/or select a book of their choice. The children also have a dedicated story-time every day enabling them to have the opportunity to develop their language and listening skills as they join in with rhymes, stories, songs.

Early Mathematical Development

Children will be provided with opportunities to develop their understanding of maths in:-

Number  – Stories, song, rhymes one to one correspondence, taking turns, matching numeral to number and counting.

Shape –   Exploring the shapes of natural and everyday materials and shapes in the environment.

Space – Using building blocks, manoeuvring into or out of a space, crawling through a tunnel or laying a track.

Size and Quantity – Fitting clothes to dolls, comparing sand/water containers, counting ‘how many’ and using maths language such as big/small, more/less, the same.


The World Around Us

Opportunities are provided for children to develop their natural curiosity about their indoor and outdoor environment. This may include the properties of sand/water, using their senses, comparing natural/manmade materials, manipulating malleable substances such as dough/clay and observing the changes in plants and the seasons. Children will learn about their environment, their bodies and how to keep safe.


Play Activities

Sand, water, dough, painting, craft/drawing, home corner, construction, table top activities, books, exercise, music/musical movement and games.



Snack Routine

A buffet break is provided and the children learn how to manage this process themselves. We encourage healthy eating and offer a variety of healthy snacks every day, e.g. toast, cheese, muffins, pancakes, crackers, breadsticks, assorted bread, fresh/dried fruit, yogurts along with milk and water.


Outdoor Play/Visits

We have an enclosed, bright and safe area where children can enjoy supervised activities and games during favourable weather conditions. Periodically, we go for short walks around the church grounds and local places of interest,

e.g. Carnalea Glen to collect leaves, observe new growth on plants/trees etc.

In December we visit Rathmore Primary school to watch the children in their P1 Nativity play and Streamvale Farm in May.