West is a growing congregation and in order to function we need many people who are willing to serve in many areas by providing their time and skills. The following areas are some examples where you can help to serve the Lord in a practical manner.

Church Visiting

There are many members of West who would love to receive visits on a regular basis and this is an area where we would like to focus more time. This can be a real blessing to both the people receiving and also making the visit as many long term friendships have developed in this way over the years.

For more details contact the Church Office.

Welcome Team

If you are new to West or a regular attendee it is always great to be made feel welcome each Sunday morning and evening. With the number of services each week in West we are always looking for help, it is also a great way of getting to know people.

For more details contact Maureen Bennett via the Church Office.

God’s Gloves

All of us at different times in our lives need to call upon others for help. This may be due to illness, an accident, a change in circumstances, being less able to get around or just knowing what to do when for others it could be a simple task. Sometimes though people may not have someone to turn to when help and support is most needed and that is where God’s Gloves comes into action.

At West we want to support each other like a family, ready to share in practical ways, ready to be there, available to help those in need. We can help in a number of ways with lifts to appointments, supplying meals or by doing the weekly shop. We will help with walking a dog, hanging out the washing or by doing the ironing or even just to help you fill in a form.

For more details contact Jayne Fulton via the Church Office.

Elderly Care Team

Our congregation has a number of elderly people who at times will need more assistance. To help, we have formed a group who give up their time to visit or to provide practical assistance on an ongoing basis. Many have found this to be a valuable aid and as the population ages this is an area in which we would like to expand with more volunteers.

For more details contact Carol Davis via the Church Office.

Storehouse North Down

West is part of the Bangor Inter Church Community Initiative (BICCI) and one of the main areas that we are involved with is the local food bank initiative, Storehouse North Down. This group need volunteers to help them to prepare food parcels for families in need as well as people to donate food and toiletries etc. to the collection point in our church vestibule.

For more details contact the Church Office.



Flower Team

Each week at West we have beautiful floral arrangements carefully prepared by skilled members of our congregation. On Mondays these are distributed to members of the congregation who have recently been bereaved or have suffered an illness. If you would like to be involved with the arranging of the flowers or distribution on Mondays please get in touch.

For more details contact Rosemary Laird via the Church Office.

Catering Team

West is well known for its hospitality and is blessed with many gifted volunteers who both prepare and serve the food. This is a major activity for us and we always welcome additional help. You do not need to be a trained chef, even being able to set up or clear up after the meal would make a difference.

For more details contact Denis Wilson via the Church Office on 028 9145 9688.