Overseas Mission

Many members of West has a passion to support Missionary work both at home and abroad. A group have been formed among members with the desire to see the good news of Jesus spread abroad and they work hard to see this aim achieved, this is our Missionary Prayer Group.

Their aims are to:


  • encourage people to move from membership to mission, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • fulfil the mandate of Jesus Christ to be His witnesses and to lead others in His way. Demonstrate in all that we say and are and do, the power of the Gospel to transform lives and extend God’s Kingdom on earth.


The group provides support for members of West who are on both short and long term missions. This is both financial and in prayer.


They also look strategically at the different organisations that West is supporting to ensure that funds are directed to these groups in the most effective manner. This list is reviewed on a regular basis.


The group also ensures that the wider congregation is kept up to date with progress in these area.


For further information, contact Mrs Rosemary Shaw via the Church Office on 028 9145 9688


At present the groups supported by West are:-