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Sunday 5th July

This week in J-Club we are starting our series on prayer and teaching the boys and girls how to be thankful when they pray. Jordan and Jess will lead the children in two songs (Give it Away and Majestic) as well as some fun, teaching and prayer. Check out the West Church Bangor Kids page on Sunday for week one of our prayer series.


Sunday 21st June

Good morning boys and girls I hope you are well and have had an incredible week.  We’ve got some exciting challenges and plans coming out this week for our summer months, so keep a look out online for a video.  Over the past few weeks’ we’ve been jumping around various part of the bible – this week we move on from Jesus’ sermon on prayer to learn about someone who when from hating Christians, to becoming one, to someone who couldn’t stop telling people about Jesus.

Paul teaches in a city called Athens.  He tells the people that God created the heaven and the earth and made everything on it.

Enjoy the video and look out for our exciting plans in the week ahead.

God Bless



Sunday 14th June 2020

Good morning boys and girls.  I hope you’ve had a brilliant week.  The weather is a bit rubbish at the minute but I hope that you’ve been able to get outside and get some fresh air.

I’m really excited for this morning’s video, throughout the entire bible the way everyone has talked to God is through prayer.  We’ve probably all prayed ourselves, for our family, our food, our church, school and so many more things.  Today we learn more about prayer from one of the most famous talks ever – the Sermon on the Mount.

In a time of so much uncertainty, it’s nice to know that God still hears our prayers.  Join us as we explore the Sermon on the Mount and discover what Jesus tells us about talking to God.

Have a great Sunday