West Church Girls’ Brigade


Our Company was formed in September 1979 under the leadership of Mrs Rosemary Laird and  continues to go from strength to strength.

The aim of Girls’ Brigade is to “Seek, Serve and Follow Christ” and as a team we look to incorporate this into our weekly programme.

We meet on Wednesday evenings from September through to Easter when we finish the year with our Annual Display.

  • Explorers (age 3 – P4) meeting at 6.00 pm
  • Juniors (P5 – P7) meeting at 6.30 pm
  • Seniors & Brigaders (Yr 8 – 14) meeting at 7.15 pm

Girls aged 3 years and over are welcome to join us at any stage throughout the year.
To register your daughter, please send her name, address and date of birth on the Contact Us section.

Our Team

Chaplain Very Rev. Dr. Charles McMullen
Captain Cheryl Miller
Officers Nichola Balfour Ann Blackmore
Gillian Corry Jackie Fulton
Andrea Hall Pamela McDowell
Lee Milligan Loren Mills
Ruth Mooney Sandie Neely
Judith Nesbitt Rebecca Robinson
Orpah Seaton Kerry Seeds
Courtney Thompson Jade Trethewey
Emma Wilkinson Hannah Wilkinson
Trainee Officers Katie Robinson Audrey Worthington
Sub Officers Alanna Adair Sasha Doyle
Jessica Dorrian Jessica McDowell
Lydia McMullen Heidi Mulholland
  Amy Yeates
Trainee Sub Officers Ellen Arthur Sarah Blackmore
  Molly Flowers Lauren Jackson
  Jodie Kennedy Sarah McIvor
  Lucy McKee Emily Parker
Helpers Leesa Beal Elizabeth McKee
  Elizabeth Whalley-Lloyd