Special Events

Bright & Light

Each October half-term we hold a special night for kids age and their families called Bright & Light. Rather than looking at the dark side of Halloween we take this opportunity to learn about Jesus, the light of the world. Kids, and sometimes parents, come along in non-scary fancy dress costumes for a night of fun for all. We have crafts, singing, games, treats and a costume parade. The parents aren’t left out and they can choose to accompany the kids or else spend time chatting to each other. This is open to everyone up to P7.



Monday 28th October 2019 at 6:00pm



For more details contact Vic Croft via the Church Office on 028 9145 9688.


ChristmasFest has become a popular addition to our Church calendar when the youngest to oldest come together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We have crafts, games and activities for the children, seasonal refreshments for everyone and Carol Singing around the Christmas Tree on the front followed by a Christmas devotion. This is a church and community event to which everyone is welcome.



Friday 20th December from 6.00 pm (date to be confirmed)



For more details contact Andrew McClelland or the Church Office on 028 9145 9688

Moonlight Mission

Each December our teenagers have an opportunity to don the glad rags and to raise money for a Christian Missionary cause at our annual Moonlight Mission. This is a semi-formal dinner that is held each year in West and is always oversubscribed. There is a dinner, music and a night of fun and a chance to learn about the cause that is being supported by the event. Each year there is a theme which makes it more interesting. This is held in a safe environment where teenagers can have fun without experiencing any of the issues that can happen at other venues.



Every December, dates vary.



For more details contact Andrew McClelland or Harry McBride via the Church Office on 028 9145 9688


Throughout the year we have a number of off-site weekend events which allow the teenagers to go away in a safe group which are supervised by the leaders. It is also a chance for teaching and learning and as well as having serious fun. These happen at different times during the year, ranging from events specifically for West members to joining in with larger groups such as MAD, Summer Madness or WyldLife International.



For more details contact Andrew McClelland or Harry McBride via the Church Office on 028 9145 9688.

Easter Mission

This is one of the highlights in our yearly calendar. In the week prior to Easter, Holy Week, the church is taken over entirely by over 250 primary school children being led through an exciting programme of singing, teaching about Jesus. The leaders are made up by all age groups, from 100 of our teenagers to some of our more mature members. Each year the parents of the teenagers are also invited along for an evening of desserts, entertainment and for an opportunity to see how their children have been serving.


The week is very structured and will normally follow a programme devised by Vacation Bible School (VBS). The excitement is best summed up by one child who asked her mother on the last day of the programme, how may sleeps until next year͛s Easter Mission?



Monday 6th – Friday 10th April 2020



For more details contact Andrew McClelland, Harry McBride or Vic Croft via the Church Office 028 9145 9688