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Lars Focke specialises in capturing patterns and turning them into ethereal beauty.

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  • Church Office The Church Office is now temporarily closed in line with Government guidelines. If you need to contact us please use or contact 07

  • West Church Bangor YouTube – Click here to go to the West Church YouTube Channel In light of all the global situation and keeping to PCI rules about meetings, West Ch

  • I’ve just turned sixty! I’m not sure whether the youth of old age has arrived, but I had definitely been looking forward to venturing out on my recently acquired Smart Pass

  • As I’m sitting at my ‘office desk’ – currently my dining room and dining room table which at this time of year should be coming down with GB papers, badges, trophies

  • I was talking with a friend the other day and she explained that her daughter had dyed her hair pink – the unwritten etiquette of her workplace might have frowned on

  • Late on Tuesday evening, Lauren, my eldest daughter and I decided in the spur of the moment that we would try and catch a glimpse of the Lyrids meteor shower. Clear skies a

  • After a family meeting at Home Sweet Home HQ, I decided to close my coffee shop one day before Boris advised it. Now what? How do you go from having a busy schedule to havi

  • When I retired from teaching Physics I felt I wanted to do something completely different, something I had never tried before and never had time for. Painting! No not paint

  • Hi everyone, just a quick thought. I was out walking this morning and this popped into my head which I believe was from God and it might be what some of you might need to h