Prayer is central to everything we do in West. As a Church, we are guided by His Spirit and it is important that we learn to speak to God and learn to listen to Him. As well as the Prayer which happens on a personal basis or in Home Groups, we have a number of ways of getting involved with others.

Thursday Prayer

Each Thursday we hold 3 sessions in the Prayer Room which lets groups of people come together to pray.



The times are: 8:00am, 2:00pm and 8:00pm. Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to pray out loud, and we would love to have you join us.

Prayer Hubs

To ask for God’s guidance, we have asked the members of the congregation to pray for the areas of work within West.All our groups and organisations have been split into Prayer Hubs enabling people to focus their prayers on specific areas within our church. This can be done either be in your personal prayer time or as part of a group.


If you would like more details on this initiative please contact the Church Office on 028 9145 9688.

Prayer groups for Missionary Work / Outreach

In West there are a number of regular meetings where people come together to pray for mission and outreach, both at home and further afield. All of these groups are open and anyone is welcome.

Missionary Interest Group

The group will pray for the different missionary work that our church supports and for members of the church who are working in this field of service.


When & Where

The group meets on the 1st Sunday of the month @ 11.15am in the Committee Room. For more details contact Ian McAleer via the Church Office.

Prayer for Israel

Once a month a group meet to pray together for Israel. This is a well-attended group and all are welcome to come along.


When & Where

On the 1st Monday of the month @ 7:30pm in the Prayer Room. For more details contact Ivor McClinton on 07966 489 892,


Kindfund is an organisation that West has designated as one of its primary charities. It has strong support within West for its work in Kenya and a number of the members in the group meet regularly to pray for this work.


When & Where

Monthly at the homes of various members. For more details contact Jonathan Dobbin c/o the Church Office.

Bangor Prayer Watch

Each month a number of churches in Bangor will meet together in West to pray for our town.


When & Where

The meetings are usually held in the Prayer Room on the last Friday of the month @ 8:00 pm. For more details contact Beverly Bryans on 028 9145 9688.