Prayer Points

Prayer Points

Sunday is the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church worldwide. There are so many countries where our sisters and brothers in Christ are suffering for their faith that it would take too long to name them all. For this day and this week there is a special focus on Nigeria in west Africa. Since 2010 there have been campaigns by Boko Haram, who are against anyone they consider not “true Islam”, including moderate Muslims and secular organisations, and Fulani tribesmen who are trying to rid north and central Nigeria of Christians. Over 6000 were killed between January and June this year. Please pray

* for all whose loved ones have been killed, and those who have been made homeless;

* For all believers that their faith in God, who is our refuge and strength, will be kept strong;

* For all organisations such as Stephanos Foundation, which provide emergency aid and shelter, and conduct trauma healing workshops;

* For all church leaders that they may be given courage and compassion to lead;

* For all whose hearts are filled with hatred towards Christians, that God will bless them and bring them to know His grace in Jesus. Keep praying for Nigeria, not just today!


Street by Street Ministry

West, along with Carnalea Methodist and St Gall’s continues to pray for the local community and will be praying for Station Road (Killaire Ave to end) Station View, Station Walk and Station Drive for two weeks (20th November– 3rd December).  Representatives from each Church will also visit the homes in this area.  Please pray that those visited will be blessed and encouraged to seek prayer.  Pray also that those who visit will be alert to God’s prompting.