Tulips in Lockdown

Tulips in Lockdown

I have regarded this enforced lockdown as extra time God has gifted us with, so, as well as using it to become closer to him, I decided to use it to complete what we crafters call UFO’s (UnFinished Objects). I have numerous projects hiding in cupboards and drawers in my workroom; some I got bored with half way through and others just needed the last finishing touch.

The first thing I started to finish was a memory/scrap book about visits to Castle Espie with the grandchildren and I enjoyed reliving those visits since I couldn’t physically visit it. I then moved on to memory books of each of my grandchildren. For my first two I had made special little books about their first few years but I’m afraid the three younger ones have been on my to do list for a long time. This has been the perfect opportunity to complete these, so one is now finished and I am well into the second one.

Although I love all types of crafts, my real hobby is sewing so I have spent quite a bit of the lockdown indulging this pastime. I have made lavender bags, bookmarks, finished a quilt and then when tidying my workroom cupboard, I came across a 6” doll from my early childhood. She had been naked for years and I always intended to make some clothes for her. Well she is now proudly wearing a new dress and matching undies.

Once the lockdown started easing, I thought I would do a piece representing this strange period so I made this collage which I then stapled to an old canvas. It’s called Tulips in Lockdown. The pieces of an old atlas signify that it’s worldwide; book pages for the reading I’ve been doing; music sheets for listening to Classic FM and the tulips were a gift from a very thoughtful friend.

One thing I have learned from this situation is to use time and talents wisely. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to do things I would probably not have got around to in the normal run of things and I thank God for giving me the gift of creativity which I can use so freely and hopefully give enjoyment to others while I give him all the thanks, praise and glory.

Olive Byers