As I’m sitting at my ‘office desk’ – currently my dining room and dining room table which at this time of year should be coming down with GB papers, badges, trophies and prizes ahead of our Annual Display which was due to take place on 25th April, but instead has my work laptop, monitor and many West Church papers – I’m looking out the window feeling delighted and encouraged at the progress made in my garden and around the house over the Easter weekend. It’s almost feels like a new beginning, a revival!

Those of you who know me will know how much I enjoy the sun and how I will take every opportunity to soak up the rays, so this was the perfect long weekend to get out into the garden and make the most of the beautiful weather. Weeds were removed, shrubs cut back (probably the wrong time of year I know!), trees cut down (social distancing guidelines were adhered to as this was a job I certainly couldn’t do myself), the putting green got some long overdue TLC by Scott and the power hose made an appearance. It’s a job I dread but once I get started there is no stopping me!

Whilst power hosing on Easter Tuesday, earphones in, playlist going, working away paver by paver, one song struck a chord with me in these surreal times and made me stop in my tracks. The words struck me so deeply as I listened over and over again realising how appropriate they are right now…Rend Collective ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ click here to listen

I would encourage to you really listen to the words of this song (and maybe do what I did by having the song playing whilst reading the words) – we are God’s Church regardless of where or how we are meeting at the minute, be that in our building on the corner of the Rathmore & Crawfordsburn Road, in online meetings & groups, with friends in WhatApp chats or while we stay in our own homes.

As I work from home over the days and possibly weeks ahead I hope that God can use me in a small way to grow His church and be part of His Kingdom building and I pray that as a Church family, through God’s mighty hand, our streets and land can be healed and that His Church can be revived and set on fire by His power in us.

Cheryl Miller
Senior Office Administrator