Remembering God

Remembering God

Hi everyone, just a quick thought.

I was out walking this morning and this popped into my head which I believe was from God and it might be what some of you might need to hear right now.

From chatting to many people this past little while, I know that emotions are swinging from ‘loving lock down’ to ‘get my children back to school now!’  I don’t know where you are personally at on that scale, but I hope and pray that you are able to find space and peace in your day for your own mental health and sanity.

I know that many of you are loving this slower pace of life – things that seemed important are no longer valuable – but I know that a good few of you are trying to juggle working from home full time, isolation, disconnection, home schooling, and everything else.  My weeks have been up and down – from I feel connected and think what we are doing is helping to I’d love to do something completely different and pack it all in.  It’s a lot to carry.

When things are easy trusting God can be simple(ish); when you feel stretched God can seem so distant, silent, and not a priority.

“Remember God” – is a common sentence in the Old Testament.  The children of Israel would follow and praise God, but then things would get difficult and they would take their eyes off him, drift away and forget his goodness.  Before long a generation has passed and everyone has completely forgotten who God is.

They would forget the countless times he saved them: from Egypt, The Red Sea, starving in the wilderness, battle after battle. He made them His people, gave them a purpose, and adopted them into His family.  Yet in spite of all these displays of God’s power, they still forgot and drifted.

I reckon during this time the same is true of us also. We might be stretched, anxious, worried (and every other emotion you can think of).  It’s easy to say ‘oh just remember God’s goodness and faithfulness.’  While this is true, it can take time.

When you read about people’s lives in the Bible like Joseph, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, you know their stories; you read about their struggles and their successes.  On one page they are in real danger – lost, alone – then on the next page they have just won or conquered something.  They had to physically wait, struggle and go through so much.  Joseph waited for 13 years, Abraham waited for 25 years, Moses waited 40 years, Jesus waited 30 years.  In time of waiting and uncertainty, you are not alone.

However, we know how the stories of Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and Jesus turned out…but they didn’t (well Jesus probably did), they had to live through those rough seasons, they knew pain (imagine living in a tent for 40 years with every generation of your family with you!), sorrow, suffering, doubts.  They probably weren’t perfect in how they survived and lived, but every so often they just need a massive reminder to Stop and Remember God.

Remember his promises, his faithfulness to you in the past and the future hope he offers.  This might not change everything in an instant but I think doing simple things daily makes a big difference in the long run.

I don’t know what you need right now, but I’m finding myself needing to stop and take my own advice – Stop and Remember God – and ASK for more peace, more grace, more love, more patience, more space.

Don’t leave it too long because we are all human and we forget quickly.


Andrew McClelland
Youth & Children’s Associate