Let Light Shine Out of the Darkness

Let Light Shine Out of the Darkness

When I retired from teaching Physics I felt I wanted to do something completely different, something I had never tried before and never had time for.

Painting! No not painting walls!! But trying my hand at watercolour painting.

My school reports on Art did not augur well for this new venture (comments like ‘Fair, Trying’ or to be more precise the teacher probably meant ‘Very Trying’).

So when the Art Club started in church I decided to give it a go! What I very quickly learned was the importance of light and shade in the composition of a picture. A picture can look really quite dull and lifeless until some darker shades are introduced. Those darker hues somehow emphasis the lighter areas and the picture takes on a depth and life that was previously missing.

I think life is like that too. In my experience the dark times (and there have been a few) help me to appreciate the good times even more. Without the darkness we would not appreciate the light. Without the cold winter we wouldn’t really appreciate the warmth of summer. The contrasts give depth to our experience. The sense of loss when someone dies is so much more intense when we have loved that person deeply.

Easter Sunday is just past with its message of hope. But without the darkness of the Cross on the Friday the message of hope which Easter brings would be lost. The immense suffering of Jesus and the joy of the Resurrection together paint a picture of the depth of the love which God has for us.

We are living in times of great sadness and darkness for many people so we need to look for any light we can find to help counteract it. It is not always easy to find but I believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, God has given us hope.

Your response to a lovely painting may be to simply admire it or it might move you so much that you must have it for yourself. What God in Jesus did for us surely requires a response. What will yours be?

Jesus is the Light of the World and where there is light the darkness is dispelled.

Jane Richardson
Artwork below is Jane’s own work