God of Wonder

God of Wonder

Late on Tuesday evening, Lauren, my eldest daughter and I decided in the spur of the moment that we would try and catch a glimpse of the Lyrids meteor shower. Clear skies and low air pollution (maybe one of the positive consequences of lockdown), meant conditions were perfect for viewing. We sat huddled together with blankets for warmth, quietly laughing at the idea of us creeping outside so late at night to sit in the dark.

We turned our gaze to the sky and spotted Venus splendidly shining and with the help of a night sky app we tracked a number of satellites and tried to identify some of the constellations. We both remarked about how amazing it was to think that as we go about our daily routines that these same stars are still there in the sky but that it is only when darkness falls that they become visible, twinkling and shining in all their brilliance.

The Bible makes several references to the stars, Isaiah 40 v 26 (The Message) Look at the night skies: Who do you think made all of this? Who marches this army of stars out each night, counts them off, calls each by name….so magnificent, so powerful….and never overlooks a single one?

Did we see the meteor shower? Unfortunately not, but instead, in the stillness we were given the simple reminder, that just like the stars, we too are uniquely made and known by God, that it is His light that shines in the darkness and that we, like the stars, can shine brightly for Him.

The Universe declares His majesty, sometimes we just need to stop and take the time to let it speak to us.

Judith Nesbitt
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