Freewill Offering

The most common way for contributing to West is via Freewill Offering envelopes which are placed in the offering plates during the Sunday Services. These envelopes will allow you to give funds to the General Account (No 1) and the Pastoral Staff Account (No 5). If you would like FWO envelopes please contact the Church Office, 028 9145 9688, and they can arrange these for you. If you do not have an envelope, cash collections can be given in the Sunday Offering plates however these cannot be Gift Aided unless you use the White Envelopes (see below).


Standing Order

The other main method of contributing is via Standing Order. This will allow you to donate to any account within West that you would like to support. The Office can provide you with forms for your bank or the account details if you would like to set up the payments electronically.


Text Giving

It is possible to donate via your mobile phone account. Simply send a message to No 70070, format WCHB01£XX, where XX is the amount you wish to donate. For example to donate £10 send a message to No 70070 with WCHB01 £10 as the message.


White Envelopes

If you wish to donate by cash and do not have a Freewill Offering envelope you can still Gift Aid your contribution by using the White Envelopes in the back of the sanctuary seats. If you complete the details on the front of the envelope it will allow the church to reclaim gift aid and increase your contribution by 25%.

Standing Order Forms

Click on a button below to download the PDF form to fill in.

Gift Aid

If you pay tax equal to or more than the amount of Gift Aid that would be added to your contributions, you are eligible for Gift Aid. For example if you donate £100 the Church would be able to reclaim 25% i.e. £25 to add to your donation. You would need to have paid £25 tax to be eligible in this case.


To sign up for Gift Aid you can DOWNLOAD the attached form or obtain a copy from the Church Office. This should then be signed and returned to the office.


If you have further questions please contact Stephen Cully at the Church Office, 028 9145 9688.

Gift Aid Form

Click on a button below to download the PDF form to fill in.

West Church Accounts

West Church has a number of different accounts which are used for a number of purposes. The following is a summary of the accounts.

No 1 – General Account

This is a general account from which we pay the salaries of the Minister, non-pastoral staff as well as all the running expenses – electricity, stationery, courses etc. as well as on-going maintenance and repair. This account is funded primarily from FWO donations either via envelopes or standing orders and the loose collection on Sundays.

No 2 – Benevolent Fund

This is a small fund, for use by the Ministers to alleviate, confidentially, cases of severe hardship. No envelopes are issued. We rely on the leading of God’s people to provide anonymous donations from time to time.

No 5 – Development Account

This account is used to pay the salaries of all pastoral staff with the exception of the Minister. It is funded by FWO envelopes for this account and standing orders.

No 6 – Building Account

This account is used to pay for any major building work that is being carried out. For example it was used to pay for the recent redevelopment of the bungalow into offices and meeting rooms.

No 7 – Missionary Account

This account is used for all the missionary funds that are held and distributed in the church. Within the account there are a number of separate funds for items such as general missionary work, Tearfund Connect and individual members of West who are on missionary work. This is funded by standing orders, individual donations or funds raised by events to support specific causes. All money in the account is kept separate for the specific cause.

No 8 Account – Youth & Children’s

This account is kept specifically for the work carried out by our Youth and Children’s team and its volunteers. It is funded by the general account and gifts from members.

Playgroup Account

Bangor West Nursery Playgroup is owned by West Church but operates as a separate entity. It has its own account and all transactions within this account are specific to the work it carries out.