This Week at West

This Week at West

Saturday (2nd June):
Marie Curie Coffee Morning in the Welcome Area between 10.30 am – 1.00 pm. Everyone Welcome
Exodus Coffee Morning hosted by Gillian Caughey in support of a summer Mission Team that her son Calum is part of. 10.00 am – 12 noon in her home, again everyone is welcome

The Missionary Interest Group will meet at 11:15am in the Prayer Room. Please join us to hear more and pray for the Mission we support at home and overseas.
JClub/Juniors & Little Acorns If you love to wiggle, leap, swish & dance, join Vic Croft & Holly Eves (Meninadanca) after JClub in the Rathmore Hall to learn an easy & fun dance which we will perform next Sunday on Children’s Day.

Prayer for Israel will meet at 7:30pm in the Prayer Room.

Sycamore Club BBQ will start at 6.30pm

Samuel Prayer Hub will meet at 12.30pm in the Prayer Room.

P7 & Yr 8 Lock in from 8pm to Saturday 9 June at 9am. This is open to Year 7s & 8s from our local schools, those in JClub and the youth ministry in West. Your young person can invite their friends. Each young person needs a consent form to stay over. £2 per person.
Bangor Prayer Watch will be held on Friday 8th June in the Meeting Room at 8pm with coffee from 7:30pm.

Sunday 10th:
Children’s Day & Family BBQ – remember to get your tickets in advance of the BBQ from the office or on Sunday in the Welcome Area.